Restaurant Consulting

We have been involved with restaurant consulting since 1999. With IT business consulting experience second to none. Our partners lead a company (Lanteck Studios) that provided IT, SEO and general business consulting to restaurants. Some well known clients of L.S. that our management has worked with are Lidia Bastianich, (Lidias Italy), W Hotels, Four Seasons Restaurant, Vittorios (5 Star Italian Restaurant), Becco, Hilton Hotel (Waldorf Weddings), Woo Lae Oak (NY), LQ night club (Mid Town location) and many more top names.

restaurant consulting
Partner of Grow with Restaurant client from L.S. where we offered IT, consulting and video, web production. ‘Lidia Bastianich’ at her home, while shooting video for Lidia’s Italy club promotional video.

Our partners sold LS studios software to a larger company in 2011 and years later GROW was born with major lending partnerships with some of the top private loan capital firms in the country, as well as some of the top rated consultants to help our clients GROW.

We are a leader in providing restaurant consulting in many different aspects. Restaurant funding, IT consulting, as well as general sales points on how you can increase your business. New York City (Manhattan) is considered one of the most competitive restaurant markets in the world, have us go to work for you rergardless if your a small restaurant in Utah or a hotel in Manhattan.

When you work with us, we treat your business like success is the only option.

Whether you’re a one-unit company, a 300-location concept, or a major hotel, when you need to improve, grow, transform, or just wish to bring an idea through development, our vast knowledge and experience in restaurant consulting will meet your needs.

Our world-class team of operators, chefs, restaurant consultants, hotel management consultants, and systems experts have the talent and experience to maximize profit, mitigate risk, and guarantee results by offering our customized services for any category of the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Below is a sample of what we offer. For our full scope of restaurant and hospitality consulting services, click on any of the menu items above or get in touch with us to find out more.

We offer a free consulting assessment and 3-6 months of SEO work with each funding transaction.

Funding: We understand why your restaurant or bar may need funding, for expansion, working capital, equipment etc… we are ready to help you. We have over 70 lending sources to match the perfect deal up for you. We understand your business and our staff has been helping many succeed in this industry for almost 20 years.